Sunday, February 13, 2011

In Shizuoka this time another beautiful manhole cover...

Shizuoka city (静岡市)put some thought into this. Nice idea! I'm not sure what utility this is, but the S in the center looks like the city icon formed with Fuji san ( 富士山) at the top and the sea at the bottom. At the bottom it looks like the name of the flower depicted on the cover(たちあおい)or Hollyhock has also been thoughtfully included so there is no confusion.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More interesting manhole covers...

Some more decorative manhole covers on the the sidewalk, this time from Nagoya (名古屋)...

Nagoya fire hydrant water supply. (名古屋市 消火栓)

This one looks like a valve for Toho Gas.

This next one, however, I don't know about....

Interesting design-looks like a water bug. So I imagine it must be Nagoya city water supply. 
Anybody know?  
I've never seem more of these detailed manhole covers than in Japan. They're everywhere!  

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Looks like someone bought the $50 melons in Shizuoka!

Everyone has heard of the expensive melons in Japan. I've often wondered who would pay $40 or $50 for one melon. Recently, I spotted these melons inside a produce store in download Shizuoka.  

It was the end of the day when we entered the store and noticed these specimens on the middle shelf for ¥4200 (~$40)! But missing from the top shelf are the melons that were priced at ¥5250 (~$50). Looks like someone paid about $50 for a some cantaloupes! Wonder how those taste... Anyone ever tasted one of these? Incidentally, a local told me this is a melon growing area so they are cheaper here than where they are not grown!

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